Purplle – Affiliate Marketing mandate to ConversionX

Purplle.com assigns their exclusive affiliate marketing mandate to ConversionX to be handled out of Gurgaon office

Gurgaon based performance marketing agency ConversionX has bagged the exclusive mandate for managing the affiliate marketing program for Purplle.com – India’s leading online beauty destination offering a wide assortment of 47,500 SKUs across 1,000+ third-party and owned brands. This new engagement will help Purplle.com to leverage a pool of over 2000+ direct publishers and 30+ affiliate networks via ConversionX which also manages affiliate duties for other leading internet players including Bookmyshow.com and Rummycircle.com among others.

Chitra Shah, Business Head, ConversionX, said, “The destination Purplle has a strong brand value and an existing latent demand to capture across the millennial digital shoppers who are seeking personalised beauty solutions online. With our specialized expertise in e-commerce performance marketing and analytics across channels, we are putting all efforts to make this partnership a success.”

Manish Taneja, Co-Founder & CEO, Purplle.com, said, ” We are excited in onboarding ConversionX as our exclusive affiliates agency, they are proven at scaling affiliate programs along with the high-quality publisher network buildup driving high ROI across similar clients. Their expertise and knowledge in affiliate marketing will help us to grow our business.”

Clicks to Footsteps: Measuring the impact on offline sales of Online marketing

Smartphones have become the remote control of our lives, where every thing from clothing to grocery, is being called at your doorstep with your thumb clicks. All is due to effective sync between the online and offline E-Commerce practices, Let it be inventory, chain management, delivery management and every thing involved in between.

With digital marketing been the primary source of a marketing channel for some brands, it becomes very important to measure the impact of it across all channels. Lately, Many Brands are trying to make Sync between their online campaigns and offline sales. It is understood that there is an impact of the online effects on the offline sales, but how much is what becomes the question.

Many channels are doing this by gathering offline data from the advertiser and try to make sense out of it by comparing the unique click Ids, email ids, phone numbers, and device Ids. Let’s see how each channel is solving this problem.


Google ads have a unique GCLID with every ad, which clicked and the user fills a form, can later be marked as a conversion if converted offline against the same GCLID. The problem with this is that you can’t track view conversions since the user requires to click on the Ad on the ad.

Setup your Google Conversions: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/7012522



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This is store level data accumulated over the August to November 2017 (US-based participation), and retailer ROAS varies between 2x to 14x.


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Facebook went one step further, and here you can actually track if the person has viewed (even if no action was taken on the ad) your ad, and converted. If he comes to the offline store or a restaurant, you can have his phone number uploaded on the Facebook panel actually see if the impact was from the online marketing. Usually, the match rate of the conversions is between the range of 40 to 70%, at best.


Many brands are using the Facebook offline conversions technique, especially in-store visit campaigns. MomsCare with Bionic scaled their offline sales and maintained an ROAS of 7.5x, with 16% new users. They integrated their EPOS with Facebook offline conversion API and optimized the ads in real time and automated way.

In a similar way, Max Fashion recorded an ROAS of 26x and 2500 conversions using Facebook offline conversion API. It is a middle east brand for clothing and increased online, as well as drove 25000 people to their stores with online campaigns

Find more case studies at: https://www.facebook.com/business/success/categories/offline-conversions

Beacon Tracking

Beacons can be really helpful in tracking the footsteps in the offline stores and then using mobile IDs, we can track those offline conversions. This is how beacon tracking works

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This can be revolutionary when it comes to the measuring the impact of the online marketing, Stores in UK and US has started rolling out beacon tracking, and even shopping malls are doing so, so you can be served Relevant ads according to the Mall you’re in.

The World’s cultural shift of interaction with brands has changed the way we track our conversions, however, not far majority of the people have realized the power of traction of offline conversions and how it can help in creating accurate impact reporting to online marketing.

The day we would be able to fully understand the online impact on the offline sales and footsteps, the world is going to be a better place for us marketers.

5 Great examples of Triggered, Automated Marketing Campaigns that Actually Work

5 great examples of Triggered, automated marketing campaigns that actually works

‘’63% of companies who outgrow their competition are using marketing automation’’

Marketing automation or CRM is when software automatically sends campaigns to your customers and prospects based on triggers you define.

CRM automated emails are highly effective and have the ability to drive massive revenue and results for businesses as they achieve 86% higher open rates, produce a 196% increase in click-through rates, and generate 320% more revenue than standard promotional emails. With stats like that, marketers can’t deny the power of marketing automation.

Welcome email series

Welcome emails are your first chance to make a great impression on subscribers. Using CRM Software, you can create a stellar experience for your subscribers with a one-time welcome email, or a series of emails that help onboard them.

Lee Jeans welcome email series featured a special welcome discount to its first time subscriber. And with this second email in its welcome series, it reminds the subscriber to avail the special discount on their next purchase thus creating a sense of urgency. Lee’s welcome campaign does a great effort in building a relationship with the customers.


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Reminder emails attract customers to keep buying their products and services over time and help retain which acts as a opportunity to deliver a timely message to your customer.

Nissan collects relevant information about their customers, including the purchase date of their car.  They can then use the purchase date to automatically trigger a reminder email six months after the car was purchased to schedule the first service appointment.

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Birthday or Anniversary

Birthday & anniversaries are special occasions where CRM software’s can send automated emails to customers with special offers. These act as highly effective strategy to drive revenue and also increasing customer happiness at the same time.

The first step is to collect your customer’s birth date and add it to your email list, like how payback does for its customers.

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Most Active Customers

It’s simple to set up a series of automated emails that can make your most active customers feel special and keeps them engaged, and spending.

Sephora does an excellent job with their VIB which offers early access to new products and special promotions for customers who spend a certain amount of money.

Once someone spends the required amount, they’re entered into the VIB segment of the email list and automatically receive an email introducing them to the VIB program. This email welcomes them to the program and provides an exclusive VIB-only offer that encourages them to make additional purchases.

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You can encourage email subscribers who haven’t purchased in a while with an email-exclusive offer, “Save on your next order” discount like Snapdeal does in the below example, or cart abandonment deal:

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Disclaimer: The pictures and data used in this post are just for reference and have no links to the brands.

The Giant in Awakening: Amazon Ads

E-commerce Strategy

amazon-adsExploring the platform and using its potential in nascent stage could help marketers to be ahead of the trends, so that when they become mainstream, the early adopters would already be doing it for some time and would have gained expertise. When Google ads came in 2000, the clicks were just few cents, and every company who did bidding and believed in Google, are now billion dollars companies, including the first company to ever join AdWords; eBay, Later Amazon, around 2003.

We all know history repeats itself and the same thing is happening on the Amazon Ads. People are getting to know the potential it has because marketers can now manifest the direct consumer intent and boost the sales. Because on Amazon the product wins, not brands. And within the ecosystem that Amazon has created, the people reviews have major impact on the minds of potential buyer.

This kind of ecosystem favors the small business to come to Amazon and start selling their product without having any operational issues, which was a case half a decade ago.

Amazon Ads favor the small business to grow their business as the ads have great potential to impact minds because consumer comes to the platform having a buying intent. Though the product is in developing state and still figuring out some issues like daily reporting and live ads data, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be growing to become one of the great marketing platforms in coming years.

What do amazon ads offer?

Currently, the Ads have three product lines, the Seller ads, Brands ads and Managed ads by Amazon.

The seller ads are simple product ads a seller is selling, could be of different brands, customized, and doesn’t restrict to one vertical. These ads show on the first page of search results.

The brand Ads is a great product for brand recognition, as now you can target people with keywords and give more placements, like deals page, details page, along with search results.

The ads managed by Amazon gives better visibility to the advertisers and placements like fire stick, Kindle, and other partner platforms.

Why Amazon Ads are more than Sales?

Boosting sales is one of the benefit that Amazon ads offer, but the potential of these ads are beyond that. It is the best advertising platform to launch new product or brand because according to a recent Quantcast study, 4 in 5 shopping journeys end with customers purchasing one of the first 9 brands they considered. See the potential of getting into the minds of customers first?

The great example of an excellent product launch is Airheads, who saw 120% lift in awareness with their new product launch and reached masses beyond they were expecting.

Amazon ads are also about brand discoverability, the recent campaign proves it. A brand, ‘Oodji’ increased their brand’s discoverability by 76% branded keyword searches during the campaign period. So people were actually looking for a brand after they see the product ads on the Amazon.


Amazon ads have great potential to reach the desired potential customer, and with 100 million members, we’re sure you will find the right one for you. If you’re into sure of the growth of Amazon, and consumer potential, let’s have a look at this data.



Source: https://www.statista.com/


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